Although we've treated over 4,000 patients here's what some have had to say.






Courtney A.

Lucien L.

Brittany K.

Teresa R.

Sarah M.

David Z.

Denise M.

Zachary L.

Tim P.

Mark C.

Amy T.

Christina F.

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Debi A.

Marcella H.

Marcella is a 78 year old female. Prior to the program, Marcella went through treatment for Cancer. Her goals coming into the program including gaining strength and endurance as well as losing weight. At her 8 week check-up, Marcella had lost a total of 6lbs, dropped 4% body fat, and lost 4 inches. As a result, she too is more active and is feeling stronger.

JoAnn N.

JoAnn is a 70 year old female. Prior to joining our program, JoAnn never performed any form of formal exercise. At her 8 week check-up, JoAnn had lost a total of 7lbs, dropped 5.5% body fat, and lost 4 inches. Initially, JoAnn was only able to perform 3 minutes of cardiovascular activity. She can now perform 30 minutes. As a result, JoAnn is more active and feels better overall.

Marcella H.

"The time I spend in physical therapy has been pleasant and rewarding. Mark is a competent, compassionate trainer dedicated in providing a personalized program for each person's needs and wellness. The time spent in physical therapy is a blessing to me."

Darlene C.

Darlene is a 66 year old female. Darlene joined our program after trying many other weight loss programs with no success. At her 8 week check-up, Darlene lost a total of 10lbs, dropped 6% body fat, and lost 7 inches. At her visit with her medical doctor, lab results showed that she dropped her bad cholesterol levels by 24 points. As a result of her hard work and dedication, Darlene is now able to be more active, get more enjoyment out of her day, and be more active with her grandchildren.

Maria S.

"I suffered for a long time with severe back pain. I was in and out of emergency rooms, tried therapy, spinal injections, and other options. I thought that I tried every option out there. I was convinced that I was going to live the rest of my life with this pain. Then, I met Dr. Brandon Blood. He explained the MUA procedure to me in complete detail. He was very knowledgeable about MUA and its benefits. After my three day procedure, I felt better. Following the MUA procedure, I maintained my stretching and strengthening routine. I am now walking 4 miles everyday and enjoying life."

Aubrey B.

“I had low back pain for two years. I tried several different treatments. Some helping temporarily some not at all. That is when I decided to try the MUA procedure. I am very happy with the results because I am more active now then I was before the procedure. I feel like I am able to enjoy life without back pain getting in the way.”

Marianne F.

“After having tried numerous procedures to alleviate my back pain, including physical therapy, cortisone shots, and 2 failed back surgeries I was ready to give up. Nothing seemed to help. I read an article about a procedure called MUA. It caught my interest because it was non-invasive surgery. I am so glad I made that call to Dr. Brandon Blood. I had the procedure done and today I can honestly say I am pain free. It has been a blessing as it has given me my life back. I can now enjoy doing things I wasn’t able to do before. I feel I have a new lease on life. Thank you Dr. Blood.”

Kathy O.

"For 4 years or more I have been seeking help for low back pain. My ability to walk was limited due to pain and weakness. I have gone so far as to have spinal nerve blocks with little help. Then I went to a nationally prominent hospital spine center where I was told mine was not a condition for surgical intervention, but I should continue to take the pain killer medication as needed. Dr. Blood, at my initial visit, you interpreted my history and your physical exam findings and adjusted my back relieving the pain. There are no words to express my gratitude. I believe God has blessed you with sensitive hands and intuition and you are putting them to good use helping others."